I’m Lee Kaw, 57-year-old from Kajang. I’m having calf and heel pain since many years ago. It’s so annoying and disturbing. I went for a medical checkup and doctor just advised to wear slipper at home to avoid floor contact. I followed doctor’s advice but the problem still persists. Eventually, doctor just gave me pain killer to relieve my pain. I was aware that taking pain killer is not the best solution to my problem and I was also worried about the side effects of pain killer. I was actively looking for natural traditional herbs to replace pain killer. My friend has recommended UTURN SSG Plus Drink which believe it could relieve pain and improve blood circulation. With hesitation, I started to consume 2 tablespoons of SSG Plus Drink before any meals. After a week, I felt that the pain has been reduced. Therefore, I decided to stop taking pain killer and consume only UTURN SSG PLUS DRINK. After a month, condition on my calf and heel are greatly improved and no longer suffer from muscle pain in mentioned parts. I will continue to consume UTURN SSG PLUS DRINK and hopefully to get rid of muscle pain on my calf and heel one day.

Lee Kaw – 57岁