I’m Loh Siew Moy, 47-year-old, from Seremban. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and undergone breast removal operation. My chemotherapy for 6 cycles was started on August 2013. At the beginning, I was so worried about side effects of chemotherapy, for example: hair loss, vomit, dry skin, nail rupture and weight loss. My friend has strongly recommended to try out fresh Sabah Snake Grass leaves and UTURN SSG PLUS Drink. I started to consume both before any chemotherapy cycle. I blend and drink fresh Sabah Snake Grass with apple every morning. At night, I consume 4 tablespoons of UTURN SSG PLUS Drink. Fortunately, I encounter hair loss only during chemotherapy cycle. Meanwhile, my weight also has increased and all my friends feel shock by the efficacy of SSG. Now, other than resting at home, I’m also helping my friend to manage a temple. I will continue to consume fresh SSG juice and UTURN SSG PLUS DRINK to boost energy and increase immune system to prevent my sickness relapse.



Loh Siew Moy – 47岁
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